Elastomeric Slab Seal Joints
Unitary & The high efficiency, no maintenance, water proof, durable steel reinforced elastomeric slab-seal type expansion joints for bridges was introduced by METCO under the brand name of 'Exjomet' in early 1980's. 'METCO brand Slab Seal Expansion Joints' joints are available in different models with movement capacities ranging from 20 mm to 230 mm, which is catered by the shear deformation of elastomeric slab units and thereby provides a smooth riding surface and ensures no damage to the components.

The elastomeric slab units are made from imported chloroprene rubber and are not only abrasion resistant but also particularly suitable to all types of wheel profile. These units are not affected by fuel, oil, salt or grit, heat and direct sunlight, frost, ice and snow. The total length of joint is built up by smaller modules to facilitate very simple and quick fixing and replacement of any particular unit, if at all necessary.

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