Pioneer in fully moulded Elastomeric Bearing, Pot Bearing, Spherical/Cylindrical Knuckle Bearing and Bearing with uplift arrester arrangement in India.

First Indian Company in introducing steel reinforced Elastomeric Slab Seal Expansion Joints.

First in introducing specially designed Central Hinge Bearing in India with collaboration of M/S Mitsui Corporation of Japan for Varanasi Bridge.

Produced the largest capacity Elastomeric Bearing (8000 kN) in India for Second Hoogly Bridge.

Introduced specially detailed single gap Strip Seal Expansion Joint (movement capacity 200 mm) for Rly. Bridge (Sardan Bridge under JURL)for the first time in India.

Supplied Slab Seal Expansion Joint (movement capacity upto 230 mm) for Railway Bridge (Panvel Nadi) for the first time in India.

Supplied all bearings for a Flyover with longest running length in India- Sirsi Circle Flyover in Bangalore.

METCO Industries has played an instrumental role in forming specifications.

Supplied largest capacity (150t/hr) Pig Casting Machine.
METCO Industries has represented at American Concrete Institute.

METCO Industries has been invited to participate in the International Symposium of Bridge.

Supplied largest number of surface and pit type Electric Traversers (over 85 nos.), electro-mechanical synchronous lifting Jacks (more than 200 nos.) for Railway and Allied Industries.

Executed the biggest contract in India for Bridge Rehabilation Project- Replacement of old expansion joints by METCO brand Slab Seal Expansion Joints of Rabindra Setu (Howrah Bridge).

Regular exporter of Bearings and Expansion Joints to SAARC Countries, Middle East Countries.

Recipient of Special Certificate of Merit for export performance in Elastomeric Bridge Bearing awarded by Chemical & Allied Product Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL) during 1982-83.