Spemet - RBC
Roller Bearing Cleaning Plant
METCO has developed many tailor made equipment for Indian Rlys through its long years of work backed by constant upgrading of technology. Roller Bearing Cleaning Plant is one of those unique system being developed by METCO. The bearing cleaning plant is generally used in the Rly Workshop which essentially operates on the principle of jet spraying of hot water mixed with chemical /detergent in a closed enclosure for the purpose of cleaning of dirty grease from the surface and inside of used bearing. Spemet-BCP is METCO’s branded bearing
cleaning plant which has capacity to clean bearings as per customers requirement both in quantity and quality.

Installed at: E. Rly, KPA ; N. F. Rly, DBWS ; N. E. Rly, GKP ; N. E. Rly, IZT ; E. C. Rly, MCS ; N. W. Rly, JU.

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