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Slat Conveyor
Slat Conveyor is installed to carry hot/cold rolled coils which are placed one by one on the conveyor by a tilter at non driving end of the conveyor and transfer these toward driving end of the conveyor for subsequent lifting up of the coils by crane. The conveyor moves intermittently through a required distance to suit loading and unloading of the coil. The speed of the conveyor is variable and controlled through VVVF converter. The movements of the conveyor and the coil loading tilter are interlocked such that the conveyor can move only when
the tilter is at 92 degree tilted position underneath the 1st coil position & the last coil position is empty. The length of travel of the conveyor is monitored through a pulse encoder mounted on the extended shaft of the driving motor through a coupling. The motor stops each time at desired pitch and position of each coil is sensed by photo cell.

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